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Emette, the rogue ladybug

Despite appearances, the ladybug is far from being the most peaceful of insects. It is a formidable predator that, as an adult, can eat up to 100 aphids a day, while its late-stage larva can consume up to 150 per day!

Coccinelle à 7 points - Coccinella septempunctata - A. Leguay.jpg

The seven-spot ladybug

The term ladybug immediately brings to mind the image of a small, oval-shaped beetle, red with black spots on its body. However, in France, there are a little over 120 species of ladybugs: red, but also white, yellow, orange, and black; with black spots, but also with yellow, orange spots, or even without spots or with different patterns. Some are even hairy!

Let's go back to our seven-spot ladybug, one of the most common in France. It is not particularly demanding and can be found in all types of environments. Beneath its beautiful appearance hides a predator with a particular fondness for aphids. Feeding on them from its larval stage, it can consume several hundred during this phase, making it an excellent crop helper or, more simply, an outstanding garden assistant.

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