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Etor, the warrior beetle

Nicknamed the "little bulldozer" by gardeners, the rose chafer is a large insect with a magnificent metallic color that has the habit of sprawling on flowers. It's not uncommon for it to damage a few petals when landing without much care.

Cétoine verte - Cetonischema speciosissima - J. Gerbaud-R90YT7WE.JPG

The rose chafer

Beneath their warrior-like appearance lies a gentle heart. Rose chafers are flower-visiting beetles easily observed in summer when the sun is out. As pollinators, they frequent gardens, hedges, and woodland edges.

Before donning their vibrant colors, they appear as large white grubs for several years. During this stage, their diet consists of plant debris and decomposing organic matter. They contribute to compost production and can often be found in compost bins.

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